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25° Congresso Mariologico Mariano Internazionale

25° Mariological Marian International Congress

25° Congreso mariológico Mariano Internacional

25° Congrès Mariologique Mariale International

25° Mariologisch-Marianischer Weltkongress

25° Congresso Mariológico Mariano Internacional

Maria tra teologie e culture oggi. Modelli, comunicazioni, prospettive.

Mary between theologies and cultures today. Models, communications, perspectives.

María entre teologías y culturas hoy. Modelos, comunicaciones, perspectivas.

Marie entre théologies et cultures aujourd'hui. Modèles, communications, perspectives.

Maria zwischen Theologien und Kulturen heute. Modelle, Kommunikation, Perspektive.

Maria entre teologias e culturas hoje. Modelos, comunicações, perspectivas.

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