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Asia Oceania Mariological Academy

        Giovedì  9 settembre  -  Thursday 9 September        

             h. 9.00-11.00      (italian time)     


(Moderator) Sr. M. Isabell Naumann

Fr. Denis Sahayaraj Kulandaisamy; India

Opening Address


Sr. Jincy Kurian Vallipparambil; India

Cultural Face of Jesus in the Indian Context


Fr. Arokiam John; India

The role of Mary in Christianity’s ability to reflect the “different faces of the cultures and people” in Asia-Oceania


Fr. Vianney Azam; Pakistan

“Muqadasa Mariam”: the Symbol of Unity in Pakistan

An Attempt to Understand Pakistani Contextual Mariology


Fr. Fidelis Bolo Wotan; Indonesia

Mary and Evangelization in Indonesia: Devotion to Mary, “Tuan Ma”, Mater Dolorosa as Queen of Larantuka’s People in Flores, Indonesia”.


        Venerdì  10 settembre  -  Friday 10 September        

        (1) From South Korea: 9:00-10:00 (Italian time) ※16:00-17:00 (Korean time)       


(Moderator) Sr. Michaela Kim (South Korea)      


Sr. Kim, Kyoung hee (Mary Michaela); South Korea

The Blessed Virgin Mary in the Korean Historical Context


Fr. Kim, Jun Nyeon Peter; South Korea

Mariology for Authentic Feminism Movement and Unity of the Church


Sr. Seo SoonWon (Maria Goretti); South Korea

Marian Shrine of Surichigol, the birthplace of Marian Devotion in Korea


Choi, Woohyuk Miryam; South Korea

The Chosun(Ancient Korean) Catholic Church's Devotion to the Virgin Mary in the Theory of Edith Stein's Mariology (according to the first femail comunity of Colomba Kang)


       (2) From Japan: 10:00-11:00 (Italian time) ※17:00-18:00 (Japanese time)            

(Moderator) Sr. Luca Maria Ritsuko, Oka (Japan)                      


Sr. Luca Maria Ritsuko, Oka; Japan

A humble way of peace: a statue of the “Bombed Mary” (Nagasaki)


Br. Kousuke, Nakanori; Japan

Japanese Spirituality and Devotion to Virgin Mary


Prof. Yumi, Watanabe; Japan

Mary in Japan —from history of art perspective—

        Sabato  11 settembre  -  Saturday 11 September        

             h. 9.00      (italian time)         


(Moderator) Fr. Denis Kulandaisamy


Sr. Celia Chua; China and Taiwan

Mary's presence in Chinese history and faith of Chinese people


Sr. M. Isabell Naumann; Australia

Mariology in the Australian context and culture


Panel discussion

(Moderator) Fr. Denis Kulandaisamy

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