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The Pontifical International Marian Academy

announces a contest for the


in Mariology



The Pontifical Academies’ Award is given to young researchers and institutions, whose search or cultural activity present an original contribution on Mariological and Marian themes.
The award, granted by Pope Francis and assigned during the Public Session of the Pontifical Academies, is 20.000 euros.
Participation is reserved to scholars under 40 years of age and institutions of recent foundation.  
The following will be taken into consideration: scientific studies that are the fruit of academic research, doctoral dissertations published between January of 2011 and March of 2014.  
Authors that intend to participate have to send a copy of their work together with their curriculum vitae and with an indication of the diocese of provenience and their address.  
Institutions that intend to participate have to send a description of their cultural activity in service of Mariology together to publications about their activity.  
Candidate will need to contact PAMI by May 31st 2014.  The material will not be returned.
Delivery of the Award will take place at the XIX Public Section of the Pontifical Academies.

Vatican City, March 12th 2014

Prof. Vincenzo Battaglia   President of the Pontifical International Marian Academy (PAMI)

Pontificia Accademia Mariana Internazionale

Via Merulana 124/b - 00185 ROMA
http://pami.info        email: pami.vat@gmail.com           tel [+39] 06 70373 235

Available material
Contest Announcement Mariology [english]
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